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What is the Hydra Sound System aka (Hss)?
(Hss) is an advanced sound object for the Parallax HYDRA Game Console.
It adds advanced sound capabilities to the HYDRA while using a simple set of high level commands.
(Hss) works much like a sound API (like Direct Sound).
The program just has to issue commands to play files and synthesize audio and (Hss) does the rest.

(Hss) Supports:
Four channel tracker music playback engine.
Dual sound FX syhthesis channels.
Single 1bit ADPCM channel for compressed sample playback.

1: HYDRA, DemoBoard or Propeller chip running at 80Mhz.
2: At least ~2.7k of free HUB-Ram.
3: Two free COGs.

(Hss) Plays the following custom file formats:
(.hmus) 4 channel tracker music format.
(.hwav) 1bit ADPCM sample file.
(.snd) uncompressed 8bit sample data.
(.4snd) uncompressed 4bit sample data.
(FXsynth Data) small embedded sound FX data.